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Before the recently introduced CO VID epidemic, the answer to the simple question of where to meet Romanian Mail Order Brides was rather simple: anywhere in Romania. Since Romanian women are extremely open and friendly people, meeting them offline was never really that difficult. You just needed to come up to an attractive woman you like, either at a party or on the street, talk with her for a while, and eventually get her phone number and arrange to meet her in person.

In the recent years, however, things have changed. The global economic crisis has resulted in many young western men flocking to other countries such as Italy, Spain, Greece and Brazil in search of work and an opportunity to experience life in a new cultural milieu. Meanwhile, Romanian girls who once loved to go on European dates now prefer to find true love within their own country – in the arms of a native Romanian.

The main reasons why Romanian women prefer to find a foreign husband over their parents’ country are varied and complex. Many of them simply have a deep-rooted dislike for their western European countries, especially the ones that they were born in (such as the United Kingdom, France, Germany and the Netherlands). For some, it is merely a matter of pride – they want to belong to a culture that has been their homeland for centuries and that has embraced the values that are unique to their homeland. And for others, especially the older generations, it is a matter of insecurity: a fear of losing the freedoms they had enjoyed as children, a fear of living in an unknown land, a fear of cultural relapse, a fear of societal intolerance.

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The first group of Romanian ladies who travel abroad are the older generation. They are currently the largest demographic segment of foreign wives in Romania. The birth rate of Romanian ladies is fast falling, and so there will be an increase in the number of foreign husbands in the country. They marry foreign men for a number of reasons: to escape severe economic circumstances in their home country, to escape domestic violence or abuse, to escape boredom, to experience a different culture. Older Romanian women are therefore keen to broaden their options and they often take foreign husbands to be a “stay at home” woman.

However, the most common reason why Romanian women are attracted to foreign men is to obtain a Romanian wife. The legal system in Romania is different than that of other European countries. If the bride happens to have Romanian citizenship, then the courts presume that her parents are Romanian too. In such cases, the bride has the choice to wed a foreign national from the country she is not related to. However, this is not the general rule. For example, if the parents of the bride are Romanian but the groom is from Germany, the courts would consider German nationality when it comes to confirming the marriage.

Some western Europeans adopt many traditional practices, which they find very attractive. For example, many young Romanian women nowadays are returning to school. This is because higher education opens new career opportunities and new opportunities for them financially. This trend is also parallel with the western European culture’s growing importance of education. Thus, many young Romanian women consider returning to college as an opportunity to improve their skills and qualifications.

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Besides education, another reason why Romanian women would like to enter the western culture is to experience different cultures. Most western European women today are usually used to working in offices, where working life is very similar to theirs: a 40-hour week is the norm, punctuality is a must, etc. Thus, while a Romanian lady who wants to marry a western man may find working conditions unpleasant, in some cases, these conditions are tolerable to Romanian ladies who want to marry western men.

Many brides find marrying a Western man is a great opportunity to improve their social status. As most single Romanian ladies live an itinerant lifestyle (where they are always on the move), these women usually find themselves at an advantage when it comes to meeting prospective partners. They are used to mixing with other single Romanian ladies. Also, since these women live an itinerant lifestyle, they don’t have time to only be at home. Thus, if married to a Western man, the Romanians living abroad will always be able to fulfill their obligations to their husband, thus, always remaining a single Romanian lady.